A Place to Hang Your Hat, Part 3. Living in Addis

Home in Addis Ababa. The compound had paved roads and canopies of trees.

Home in Addis Ababa. The compound had quiet roads under canopies of trees, ideal for peaceful strolls. 

I hope the turtle is still alive. I was just Skyping with a friend and former neighbor who lives in Ethiopia. We became friends when I was living in its capital, Addis Ababa for two years until 2012. She said that the big turtle that roamed the compound grounds around the homes and apartment buildings is gone. During my regular jogs around the subdivision, I would see it slowly pop out into the pathways, lumbering about with its two-foot long shell. Home while in this city was a house located in a gated subdivision with paved roads and small parks.  I recall it was green everywhere- lush trees and

Home in Addis

The garden outside our home.

dozens of hummingbirds fluttering about. Several times a week I would walk alone or with a friend or my hubby to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes, however, stray and abandoned dogs running in packs appeared and would disturb our peaceful strolls. Some of them would sneak in but I heard some of them were abandoned by their owners. Still most days the walks were pleasant and living there provided a respite from the hustle and bustle of Addis Ababa. Outside, and towards the city center of Africa’s diplomatic capital, the streets were often jammed with buses, SUVs, cars and donkeys.


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