A Place to Hang Your Hat and Space to Roam, Part 1

It’s moving week. My husband and I hauled the suitcases we’ve been living from from our temporary accommodations to this new and cute apartment a short drive from his office. I am still unpacking, decorating and just putting things together. It may take a while to get everything in order. In fact, several months after packing day, the crate containing small furniture, clothes, books, and knick knacks from our apartment in Kenya is still in a cargo vessel on the Pacific Ocean.

If there’s something common about the last few abodes we’ve called home, no matter the continent, is that they have always been located in a neighborhood where we could walk about easily.  Sometimes all one needs is a good base from which to roam.

In Nairobi, home was a compact apartment building located in a popular residential area called Westlands.  Small and easy to clean, the flat also had enough space to accommodate the occasional visiting nomad cousin or friend. And on weekend mornings, we could hike or walk for miles around the neighborhood, under lush trees and on quiet roads.

A leafy residential area in Nairobi. Security -- guards and barbed wire--is the norm here.

Home in Nairobi. Security guards and barbed wire on the perimeter fence are a common sight.

A view of the primary school at the back.

A view of the primary school behind the building. Before 7 on school day mornings, someone bangs on a steel cauldron calling kids to breakfast and summoning me to start my day.

Leafy neighborhood in Kenya.

Leafy neighborhood in Kenya. On weekend mornings, a brisk walk was just the way to kick-start the day.

A place to view sunsets and the vast African sky

Apartment terrace- a place to view sunsets and the vast African sky


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