Iron Fans

A couple of weekends ago, the cycling leg of the 2014 Ironman World Championship passed through the highway just around the corner from my new home base.

Ironman 2014

The Ironman World Championship is held in Hawaii every year

Noisy and eager  “iron fans” gathered by the roadside to cheer on these amazing athletes of the annual world triathlon.

By the time they passed my perch,  these inspiring women and men had already swam 2.4 miles and cycled part of the 112-mile bike leg, after which they still had to run 26.2 miles, which is a full marathon. I can only imagine the amount of training and mental preparation they had to endure to get ready for this day.

“Way to go!” Spectators were trying to do their part by cheering audibly as the cyclists went uphill. Many of them still managed to smile and wave back.

Ironman 2014 athletes cycling

The athletes still managed to grant a smile, ‘Aloha’, or thank you to the spectators.

Sebastian Kienle cycling Ironman 2014

Germany’s Sebastian Kienle

From one of the avid spectators I heard that the 84-year-old nun Madonna Buder, one of the world’s oldest women to complete a triathlon, was in this race.  I didn’t get to see the iron nun but I did get to witness Germany’s pride Sebastian Keinle zoom by. When this photo was snapped, Keinle was only in 2nd place, but he eventually won the Championship.

Inspiring stories about the athletes are featured on the Ironman website at


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