Photos from the Edge

It was so incredibly windy at Camps Bay in Cape Town. I had to hold on tight to my purse, camera case and sweater as the gusts picked up and smacked sand into my face.

Camp's Bay Cape Town

Wind, water and sand. Camp’s Bay Cape Town

This was the week my husband and I visited the edge of Africa on a mission to photograph the point where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet. It was the week of Easter 2013 when we took a short vacation from our jobs in Nairobi, Kenya.

In South Africa we were staying at a hotel in Cape Town near the Victoria and Alfred (V&A) Waterfront and we reserved one day for this day trip to the continent’s edge. We hired a car to drive us south to Table Mountain National Park.

Getting to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

In the park a funicular carries visitors to a gift shop.  From there it was several steps to the lighthouse where I could get a vantage view of the oceans merging. I remember the strong wind again and how it seemed to push me down as I managed the steps and tried to hold on to the hand rail. Kids scrambled from the top and the staircase became so narrow. Treks like this remind me to go to the gym more regularly. Finally I reached the lighthouse and from its base I could look down and see the exact southernmost tip of the continent. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I sometimes do when my feet touch the point where my finger was pointing to on a map earlier.  Above are selected photos of that milestone trip.

Photo of Cape Point

Do you see the two oceans meeting?


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